Search for Significance

Stop believing the lies of self-doubt which are robbing you of joy!

About the Course

The study addresses the universal lies that trigger the cycle of self-doubt, robbing a person of joyful living. 

To get to that joyful life, harmful thoughts and emotions that lead to destructive behavior will be challenged with the truth of God’s redemptive work. 
The study will last 12 weeks. 


The Anger Management course is offered two days a week Sundays at 4:20PM and Tuesdays at 5:00PM.


This course is offered at our primary location 122 Sanford St, Hot Springs, AR 71901.


Our Agner Management course is for ages 18 and up. This course is accepted by the Garland County Court System.

All of our courses are offered free to you thanks to our dedicated volunteers and partners.