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Matthew 21:1-12 [12/18/2022]

Jesus’ Triumphant EntryMatthew 21:1-12 Matthew 21-28 happened within 6 days. John said Jesus arrived in Bethany six days before Passover, Saturday eveningbefore the passion week. Jericho to Ephraim to Bethany until Monday when he entered Jerusalem. Then he may...

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Luke 2:1-5 Matthew 2:1-12 [12/11/2022]

Christmas Part 1Luke 2:1-5 Matthew 2:1-12 What are your Christmas traditions? who what when where organized-disorganized-messy-pick up paper, Dian open 1 ata time – Arnis free for all, then I’d go home without them to start a diet.Let’s read about the first...

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James 3:1-12 [10/30/2022]

Change Your Future with Your Words James 3:1-12 It seems like we spend the first few years of a child’s life teaching them to talk and next few decadestrying to teach when to talk. Maybe we ought to start our teaching with WHY to talk. Learning tocontrol what we say...

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James 1:5-8 [08/28/2022]

How to Get WisdomJames 1:5-8August 29, 2022 Do you remember our Aladdin’s lamp from last Sunday? The bad news is that no one isgoing to come and be able to grant you three wishes.You could make yourself a “Reset” button if you want to and try that. (Button...

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James 1:1-4 [08/21/2022]

How God Builds Character James 1:1-4August 22, 2022 Let’s start our journey through the James by answering some obvious questions.Who was James?Evidently, James was the half-brother of Jesus and the brother of Jude. He was notJames the brother of the Apostle John, He...

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Exodus 16 [08/14/2022]

Looking Back to EgyptExodus 16August 14, 2022 By the time our story starts, it has been about a month since the Passover in Egypt.Israel had crossed the Red Sea, struggled to find drinking water in Marah, traveledto the Oasis of Elim where they camped beside the 12...

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Exodus 14:13-31 [07/31/2022]

Crossing the Red SeaExodus 14:13-31July 31, 2022 Things we see or hear have such a profound ability to move us in one direction or another. Itwould be hard for any of us to imagine seeing the atrocities of 9/11 and not to have our emotionsstirred. To hear of the...

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Exodus 12:29-42 [07/24/2022]

The PassoverExodus 12:29-42July 24, 2022 There are several events in history that stand out as something hard to erase from thememories of those who saw it. The morning after the death angel passed over Egypt isone of those events. I can hardly imagine what it was...

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Exodus 10:1-20 [06/26/2022]

Swarm of locusts - Plague #8Exodus 10:1-20June 26, 2022 Most of us have memories of our ancestors. Some memories are about those we knew, andsome are about those of whom we heard stories. Memories about people live on in the storiestheir descendants pass on. Like your...

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Exodus 9:8-12 [06/05/2022]

Boils - Plague #6Exodus 9:8-12June 5, 2022 In the story of the Exodus of the children of Israel, two leaders are given opportunity afteropportunity to either obey God or refuse to do so. One leader, Moses, obeys God. The otherleader was Pharaoh Amenhotep II who was...

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