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Exodus 7:1-13 [4/24/2022]

Speaking on God’s BehalfExodus 7:1-13April 24, 2022 You have heard it said that life is a marathon not a sprint. One might certainly say that aboutthe story of God in the Bible. The Bible is one long story in which all the little portions of thestory weave together to...

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Nehemiah 9:15-26 [4/3/2022]

When You Have an Attitude of Ingratitude Nehemiah 9:15-26April 3, 2022 How good is God? How is God impacting your life? How are you responding?In the first portion of the Levites’ prayer before the returning exiles to Jerusalem, theyspoke of the character, the...

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Nehemiah 9:1-14 [3/27/2022]

The Power of RememberingNehemiah 9:1-14March 27, 2022What do you want out of life? (Short answers please!)We are caused to wonder what answers we would have gotten if we asked the Jewsliving in Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah, what they wanted out of life.I think...

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Nehemiah 8:1-18 [3/20/2022]

When We Understand God’s Word Nehemiah 8:1-18March 20, 2022 What would you do differently if you could start over in life? (Table talk)Can you start over? We can’t go back to first grade and try harder to get it all right thistime. But there is a way that you can...

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Nehemiah 6:15-7:6 [3/13/2022]

Guarding Against ComplacencyNehemiah 6:15-7:6March 13, 2022 Can we easily become complacent when things are going well? Let’s suppose that youcomplete rehab, get a good job, find a safe place to live, find a church that helps youstay focused on building a good life,...

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Nehemiah 6:1-14 [3/6/2022]

Dealing with IntimidationNehemiah 6:1-14March 6, 2022 Irving Berlin said, “Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.”Perspective is huge in our lives. In the ongoing saga of Nehemiah and the Judeansrebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, we...

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Nehemiah 5:13-19 [2/27/2022]

Nehemiah Helps the PoorNehemiah 5:13-19February 27, 2022 In our text for today, Nehemiah is working hard to make sure that the people ofJerusalem do what they said they would do. Nehemiah had made a commitment to theLord, and he had kept his commitment. He...

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Nehemiah 5:1-12 [2/20/2022]

Dealing with ProblemsNehemiah 5:1-12February 20, 2022 In order to understand the challenges the Jews faced in chapter 5, we need a little historicalbackground. The Persians assessed taxes based on expected yield. For example, if you owned afield, you would be taxed on...

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Nehemiah 4:10-23 [2/13/2022]

Guarding Against Discouragement Nehemiah 4:10-23February 13, 2022 When the Jews were rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, they faced significantdiscouragement. The problem with discouragement is that it zaps your spirit.Discouragement is like a huge vacuum cleaner that...

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Nehemiah 4:1-9 [2/6/2022]

Right Response to Angry Neighbors Nehemiah 4:1-9February 6, 2022 In the book of Nehemiah we get a big lesson about what Jesus is like. Nehemiahreminds us of Jesus in His ministry of restoration. Like Jesus, Nehemiah gave upa high position in order to identify with the...

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